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1-Day Acuvue TruEye 30Pk

Johnson & Johnson is known as a company that manufactures excellent contact lenses. The Acuvue TrueEye lenses are ones that stand out particularly for a number of different reasons. Not only are they some of the most comfortable lenses available, but they help to protect your eyes at the same time. The Acuvue TrueEye lenses are distinctive because they were the first silicone hydrogel daily wear lenses that were offered across the globe. The material that is used in their construction is something called narafilcon A, and it has some amazing properties. It allows a far greater amount of oxygen to come in contact with the eye. This will mean that wearers will find their eyes to be clearer and whiter with much less irritation. They have not forgotten about the people that also want to make sure that their eyes remain moist. The Hydraclear 1 technology is included in these lenses as well. This includes a very effective wetting agent and they will continue to release moisture throughout the day for exceptional comfort. Safety was also a factor when Acuvue set out to make these lenses. Not only do they provide protection from UVA and UVB rays, but they give you more protection than any other contact lens that is available. The innovations that come along with these contact lenses will ensure that you feel comfortable with plenty of moisture and oxygen throughout the day. This is also due to the fact that the extremely smooth surface of the Acuvue TrueEye lenses will pamper your eyes like nothing else. You can purchase the Acuvue TrueEye 30 Pack for convenience and save money by buying online. Every day of the month, you will have a fresh pair of high quality lenses and feel like you are not wearing anything at all.

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