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Acuvue 2 Colours - Opaques

ACUVUE 2 COLOURS tinted disposable color contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson are the comfortable, natural-looking way to change the color of your eyes. Those looking for a dramatic change will find ACUVUE 2 COLOURS’ seven stunning tints suitable for light or dark eyes. Choose from Chestnut Brown, Sapphire Blue, Hazel Green, Jade Green, Pearl Gray, Warm Honey, and Deep Blue. Because these contact lenses are so comfortable and easy to put on and take off, they are great for first-time wearers. (ACUVUE 2 COLOURS are also available as Enhancers for light-colored eyes.) Acuvue Opaques block existing eye color for wearers needing a complete change in color or makeover. Recommended for special occasions, these lenses are fun to choose for new hairstyle, special occasions, or weekend wear. Acuvue color lenses are twice the price of plain Acuvue 2 lenses, so color lenses may be desirable for certain activities, while plain lenses are used for other activities.

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acuvue 2 colours opaques
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Acuvue 2 Colours - Opaques Summary

Aclens.com reviews say people are happy with the comfort level of Acuvue 2 Opaques. These lenses do a good job in changing the color of brown eyes to blue according to more than one reviewer. One reviewer says they dry out more than expected. Lens.com reviews are overall satisfactory too, with all users enjoying the variety of colors, and the results of the color change to their eyes. One user reports blurriness some times, which may be alleviated with a dip in solution.

Lenspricecompare price review finds color contact lenses cost a lot more than regular lenses. People who buy color contact lenses often use the colors as a second option for social occasions. We found no manufacturer rebates for Acuvue color lenses. Coupons exist for several stores. Coupons may save 10% on top of volume discount prices.

Always follow your eye doctor's instructions.

Manufacturer Website: Acuvue Contact Lenses

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