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ACUVUE BIFOCAL disposable contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson are a convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional bifocal glasses. They provide clear distance and near vision, so you just put them on in the morning and forget about them for the rest of the day! The visibility tint and inside-out indicator are added features that make these lenses easy to use. Acuvue recommends the contact lenses for people with Presbyopia. This is a common and almost natural ailment for those over 40 years of age, when focus loses agility and it is difficult to read small print. Once worn, bifocal contact lenses help to eliminate the need to carry around glasses all day. These lenses are also recommended when working close-up, and faraway at short intervals like teaching, golfing and fishing (tying hooks). Like other some Acuvue lenses, UV-Blocking, inside-out mark, and flexible wear schedules are available.

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acuvue bifocal
1 Box$36.99
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acuvue bifocal
6 Lenses Per Box. Acuvue contact lenses lentes de contacto. VISTAKON....Read More
1 Box$49.99
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Base Price$399.92
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Ave. Per Box$41.99
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Acuvue Bifocal Summary

Reviewers at ACLens.com like their Acuvue Bifocal contact lenses. They seem to think that if you wear bifocal glasses that you should give bifocal contacts a shot. There’s a lot of validity to this because some people wearing bifocal glasses lose their bearings sometimes, especially when looking down or going down a stairs. This can be quite dangerous, especially as we grow older. If you have this problem seek medical advice for the best solution for you. Lens.com reviewers report convenience with bifocal contact lenses in general and also note Acuvue comfort.

Acuvue currently offer two rebates on Bifocals. When volume discounts and coupons are factored in there’s really no difference in cost per box whether the consumer buys 4 boxes or 8 boxes, so it comes down to personal convenience. The main consideration to buying eight boxes is the expiration date of the rebate, because either the same rebate or coupons may not be available during the next time of purchase.

Always follow your eye doctor's instructions.

Manufacturer Website: Acuvue Contact Lenses

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