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Soflens 59

Formerly known as the Bausch & Lomb 2-Week, the Soflens 59 contact lens still provides the same ease-of-use, deposit resistance, and crisp, clean optics. Only the name and packaging have changed. Made from Hilafilcon Polymer with 59% water content, this lens is a favorite of consumers who want clear vision in a comfortable daily wear lens. 1-2 week disposable Soflens 59 are a disposable lens that is made of a protein resistant material that will provide the user with more comfort and clear crisp vision. The Soflens 59 is a soft lens that is fifty nine percent water by weight when it is immersed in saline. The lens is tinted for ease of use and will not change the color of the eyes when it is worn by the user. The soft material allows the lens to be comfortable to the wearer for daily use and is resistant to deposits on the material which can cause the discomfort that many lens wearers suffer from. The eye care professional will determine the replacement schedule for the Soflens 59 and it should be strictly adhered to for the optimum results. The doctor will determine the schedule on an individual basis for each patient according the their particular situation. Soflens 59 are daily wear lenses and are not recommended for use overnight or for extended periods of time. Your eye care professional will provide you with care instructions when you are fitted for contact lenses.

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