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CibaSoft SoftColors Contact Lenses

The CibaSoft SoftColors contact lens from Ciba Vision/Wesley-Jessen is designed to provide natural-looking color enhancement for light eyes. Choose from a variety of bright and beautiful shades such as amber, aqua, blue, evergreen, and royal blue (see the CibaSoft Color Chart). Intended for daily wear, this reusable lens should be replaced every year. Manufactured since 1984, this is a comfortable vial lens. CibaVision the manufacturer of Cibasoft Softcolors recommends these lenses for new wearers looking for comfortable colored contact lenses. Several colors are available. This cosmetic lens comes in a vial, and it is not a disposable contact lens. This contact lens has been available for many years and website reviews generally report them as a comfortable lens. Lens.com reviewers are happy with their purchase and have been wearing these lenses for many, many years. They also seem to get good value from these lenses by wearing them for a long time, but within eye care practitioner instructions, of course. Optifree Express is one solution used with Cibasoft SoftColors.

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CibaSoft SoftColors Contact Lenses Summary

Our price review shows SoftColors continues to be available from many mainstream retail stores. The price range is very wide, so it pays for people to shop around to get the best deal. Because Softcolors have been around for such a long time, price incentives like manufacturer rebates are not available. Typically, manufacturers prefer to provide rebate incentives for new contact lenses rather than the older models. Coupons are available from select online retail stores providing benefits like free shipping, 10% off, and discounts over a minimum purchase value.

Always follow your eye doctor's instructions.

Manufacturer Website: CibaVision Contact Lenses

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