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CibaSoft Visitint

The CibaSoft Visitint (VT) from Ciba Vision/Wesley Jessen is a comfortable, conventional daily wear lens that requires replacement every year. The light blue visibility tint makes handling the lens easier, but it will not alter the color of your eyes. One of the original visitint contact lenses for Cibavision, tinted lenses are sold with new users in mind. The tint helps to get started with handling and seeing contact lenses. A light blue tint is much easier to see than a clear contact. New users now tend to favor daily, weekly, and monthly contacts over vial lenses. So while this lens has a following, very few online reviews are available to get a sense of how customers find Cibasoft Visitint. Prices on this lens are fairly competitive. Rebates are not available, and are not usually issued for lenses, which have been around for a long time. Rebates are common for new lenses, especially when they first arrive to market and when the manufacturer wants to improve the branding position of the lens. This is not the case with Cibasoft Visitint. Online retail store coupons are available though, and can save buyers up to 10% off already discount prices.

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CibaSoft Visitint Summary

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Manufacturer Website: CibaVision Contact Lenses

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