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CSI DW - Locator Tint

The CSI Daily Wear contact lens from Ciba Vision/Wesley Jessen is a good choice for those who experience ocular dryness and sensitivity. Made from Crofilcon A, this lens is deposit resistant, and provides remarkable comfort and crisp, clear optics. CSI Daily Wear is available in a clear version, or with a locator tint for easier handling. Contact wearers continue to buy CSI contact lenses but not in great quantities it seems. Cibavision does not mention CSI Daily Wear on their Website and prefer to list newer contact lenses like Focus, Freshlook, and Optix. No recommendations are given for CSI daily wear lenses. Reviewers offer mixed feed back. Lens.com reviers are quite happy with the contact lens and have worn them for a long time. In other comments around the web, some people say that they used to like wearing CSI DW, but that in recent times the fit is not as good as it once was. Coupons are readily available to save on CSI Daily Wear contact lenses with free shipping and handling.

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CSI DW - Locator Tint Summary

Our price analysis shows the top four retailers within a dollar or two, and then the next tier of pricing jumps about five dollars on a two-vial purchase. Rebates are not available for Cibavision vial contact lenses, because rebates are used largely to promote new products and not to give discounts on already existing products with an existing customer base. Coupons are readily available to save on CSI Daily Wear contact lenses with free shipping, volume discounts, and minimum purchase discounts.

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