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Hydrocurve II Contact Lenses

The Hydrocurve II from CIBA Vision / Wesley Jessen is a conventional flexible-wear contact lens. Providing comfort and visual acuity, this lens has been a customer favorite for years. For best results, use an enzymatic cleaner once a week to remove any protein build-up.

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Hydrocurve II Contact Lenses Summary

In contrast to later contact lens descriptions, Cibavision does not list user recommendations on their site for vial contact lenses. Your eye care professional needs to establish your instructions, maintenance and recommendations for Hydrocurve II contact lenses. Effective contact lens care for vial lenses requires different techniques and schedules.

This lens is likely very suitable for people who have been wearing it for a long time. We did not find very many reviews online worth noting here. Other users might like to hear your feedback, and your likes and dislikes about this lens. If you had a problem and solved it, readers might like to know. In the event other readers come across those issues, they may be interested to read about your experience. So please leave your feedback. AClens.com has a few reviews with one person saying that they have worn Hydrocurve 2 for 20 years.

No rebates are available for this contact lens. Rebates are generally used to promote later lenses, and not so much to promote lenses available for twenty years. Price ranges are fairly close together and significant savings are available through using online discounts and coupons to buy Hydrocurve II.

Always follow your eye doctor's instructions.

Manufacturer Website: CibaVision

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