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Precision UV

The Precision UV from CIBA Vision / Wesley Jessen is a 2-week disposable lens containing a UV-blocker that helps protect against harmful solar radiation. Thicker and more durable than most disposable contact lenses, the Precision UV is a good choice for first-time contact lens wearers, as well as for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. This lens is available in higher powers than most 2-week disposables. Cibavision the maker of Precision UV recommends this lens to people who want to help block UV from their eyes during outdoor activities like golfing or tennis. They mention that the contact lens only covers a portion of the eye and so does not block UV from the entire eye. UV blocking goggles or glasses are more effective for this purpose. When you buy Precision UV online you may save up to 30% on doctors office costs. Saving 30% on recurring costs is definitely worth considering. Unlike a one-time purchase such as furniture or electronics, you can save month after month or year after year. Even though rebates are not available for this model, you can still save with coupons, and free shipping offers when you buy over a certain dollar amount.

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Precision UV Summary

Reviewers at AClens.com like their Precision contacts and say the lenses are durable. Reviews at Lens.com comment on the comfort in positioning the lens in the eye. We don’t find any other reviews worth noting at the moment, and would ask you to leave your comments for other readers. By sharing information about these contact lenses, it may improve user experience for you and other wearers.

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Manufacturer Website: CibaVision

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