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Frequency 38

The Frequency 38 from CooperVision is a durable and highly deposit-resistant monthly replacement lens designed to provide ongoing comfort and optical clarity throughout the day. This lens has a visibility tint for easier handling; and the frequent replacement schedule is conducive to maintaining cleaner lenses and healthier eyes. The monthly disposable Frequency 38 contact lenses are soft hydrophilic contact lenses that are designed for daily wear. They are available as a single vision lens and should not be worn for extended periods of time. The lenses are tinted blue for handling ease and will not change the color of your eyes. The lenses are manufactured by CooperVision and your replacement schedule will be determined by your eye care professional. The monthly disposable Frequency 38 are a lens that can be prescribed for a monthly replacement schedule. These lenses are prescribed for patients who require a single vision lens for either myopia or hyperopia. They are not designed for patients who have astigmatism. Your eye care professionals will also give instructions on the proper cleaning and storing of your daily wear lenses. The monthly disposable Frequency 38 contact lenses are chosen when a lower water content contact lens is preferred. They have a very high level of performance and are exceptionally durable contact lenses. They are also designed to minimize dehydration of the eyes for an increased comfort when they are worn. Ask your eye care professional about the monthly disposable Frequency 38 contact lenses by CooperVision for your daily wear contact lens.

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