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FreshLook ColorBlends Toric

The FreshLook ColorBlends Toric from CIBA Vision / Wesley Jessen is designed to dramatically change the color of dark eyes, while correcting astigmatic vision. Manufactured using unique and innovative technology, this lens provides you with the most natural-looking color change available, and it is the only disposable colored contact lens for astigmatism. Choose from an array of bold and beautiful colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Brown, Honey, Turquoise, Amethyst, Pure Hazel, or True Sapphire. Freshlook Colorblends Toric contact lenses are designed for patients with astigmatism who wish to change the color of their eyes as well as correct their vision. Not only are patients with astigmatism given the ability to wear a contact lens, they can now enjoy the stunning look that a colored lens can bring to their eyes. The Freshlook Colorblends Toric contact lenses blend three colors in one to create a natural look that will subtly change the color of your eyes. You can choose to enhance your natural eye color, or you can go for a complete change. Toric lenses accommodate the shape of the astigmatic eye and provide the wearer with a crisp and clear vision that was not possible before the introduction of this technology. The Freshlook Colorblends Toric lenses are made by changing the clear part of the lens by adding pigment which corresponds with the iris. The coloring of the lenses will not interfere with the clear vision that is attained with contact lenses. These lenses are 55% water content for the comfort of the patient. The lenses may be a daily wear or extended wear lens. Your eye care professional will determine the cleaning and replacement schedule when the lenses are prescribed.

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freshlook colorblends toric
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