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Toplevel Technogies LLC builds embedded and web software applications or tools. In some cases Toplevel Technologies LLC markets such tools through online advertising, and offers visitors free use of applications. Toplevel Technologies LLC funds such applications through referral fees when visitors buy from a listed merchant site.

This is a web site owned by Toplevel Technologies LLC, for the purposes and specifics of this website and this document we use the name of this web site, (and we, our, us).

Our postal address is
155 E. Boardwalk Ste. 400 #442
Fort Collins CO 80525

We can be reached via e-mail at
or you can reach us by telephone at (970) 372-6002

Visitor Information

At we do not sell your personal information to third parties. We respect your privacy and do not attempt to personally identify you. We use your information only when you agree, or when you supply it for follow up purposes.

Visitor Tracking

At we track your page visits until you leave the site. We record your IP address, but we do not identify you personally through your IP address. We also use a proprietary tracking system, which only identifies your IP address, your referral information (where you came from), and the pages you visit, and where you leave this Website. We do not attempt to identify your personal information.


Cookies are like small text files written to your computer. may write cookies to your PC for tracking purposes only. Tracking cookies are written by Third Party Services, and explained in more detail below.


Advertising networks use cookies through, have declared in their privacy policies how they collect information not to personally identify you.

Commission Junction Web User Privacy Policy Excerpt:
"...We do not collect personally identifiable information (data collected with an intention to identify and/or contact a person such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) (hereinafter "PII"), except as expressly provided for herein. PII may be collected should a consumer contact Commission Junction on his/her own initiative or respond to a Commission Junction advertisement and provide such PII..."

Share-A-Sale Privacy Policy Excerpt:
"...Data is only provided to the merchant party who collected it previously. No personally identifiable information is given to our visitors..."

Linkshare Privacy Policy Excerpt:
"...In order to provide reports to a Merchant and the Affiliates in its affiliate program conducted through one of our networks, we need basic data about the kinds and volumes of Web user activities that occur as a result of the links created through that network, but we do not need data that identifies or permits the identification of any customers or website visitors of a Merchant or Affiliate. We do not intentionally obtain any personally identifiable data about any of such customers or visitors through our technology or services, unless the Merchant or an Affiliate elects to furnish it to us or authorizes us to obtain that data..."

Other Services

We use 3rd party visitor tracking supplied by Google Inc., Yahoo Inc, and Microsoft Inc. If you have signed up to services owned by these corporations, you need to review the appropriate privacy policy and how it may apply to you.

The search tool on this site is powered by Google Inc. If you have signed up to services owned by Google Inc., you need to review Google privacy policies and how they may apply to you.

Leaving This Site

When you leave this site through a product link, or a store link, to visit another Website, this privacy policy no longer applies. We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy of other sites you may visit.

Changes To This Policy
Changes to this Privacy Policy may occur at any time.

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