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If your are a woman who wants to be dangerously seductive, wear contact lenses with sure fire combination of color and texture. Temptress contact lenses have a pink outer rim encircling a white cornea with inner pink around the pupil. Capture the attentions of your prospective victim with contact lenses, which entice attractions from that someone special in your world.

Greta Garbo played the temptress, in the movie “The Temptress” in 1926, nearly one hundred years ago. If she wore pink Temptress Contact Lenses to go with her black and white costume, the movie might have been much more memorable today.

Of course contact lenses were not invented back then, and cost comfort and variety continue to improve all the time. Not only can we enjoy the comfort of breathable contact lenses, moist contact lenses, and overnight lenses, but we also have the option of colored lenses and special effect contact lenses.

Like any contact lenses purchased in the USA, special effects contact lenses must be purchased with a prescription. If you do not need corrective lenses you can ask for a lens prescription with zero correction factors.

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